About us

Since 1885 in Milan we have been packaging great ideas


Few people know that Gandus history goes back to 1885., when a distinguished gentleman named Prospero Gandus founds his company in Milan.

The production begins with paper bags to contain the needles for the sewing machines.

Since its foundation Gandus has been a manufacturing company.

And since its foundation Gandus has been managed by Prospero Gandus first and his descendance then.

Craftsmanship and precision, all Italian.



The destruction of the Second World War does not stop the activity.

Always in Milan, the family rebuilds what has been destroyed and continues to work in the market.

With the advent of polyethylene bags, in 1954 Gandus enters the world of packaging machines, designing and manufacturing the first impulse sealer for their closure.

The success is immediate and the brand is affirmed on the market thanks to professionalism, reliability and utmost quality.


In the 80es, upon request of an important worldwide Company, Gandus Saldatrici develops and manufactures the first model of medical sealer for sterilization pouches.

The success is great and immediate.

Since then the Company has grown up to become the national and international point of reference in the medical packaging industry.



Times are ready for a further evolution.

With the aim to constantly support our customers in their growth, which often leads to the need to work with very powerful machines, Gandus creates a special Division dedicated to automatic packaging.

Our wide range of FFS vertical packaging machines and dosing systems is designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, certified and characterized by maximum design flexibility. 

Constructive solutions with prevalence of precision mechanics, no aluminum preforms, attention to ergonomics and design, selection of reliable and quality partners.


Gandus Saldatrici has today 3 specialized divisions: Bags and tubes sealers, Sterilization pouches sealers, Automatic packaging systems.
Our mission is to design and build with the highest certified qualitative standards, in a flexible and efficient structure.
A complete range of products, constant investments in R&D, care for the professional growth of our employees, dedication to each single customer, a total consulting partnership from the first meeting to the after-sales service.
From our founder, our value identity: commitment, passion, business skills, professionality, respect, responsability, dedication, enthusiasm. With an eye to the future.