Medica 2020


Dear Partners,

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 has started, year 2020 has seen many trade fairs cancelled or postponed due to the prevention against the pandemic even, which prohibited, in many cases still forbids, the organization of large events, especially if indoors. 

As a result, a series of exhibitions also scheduled for the autumn, had to capitulate, postponing to 2021 or even later on.

As far as Medica 2020 is concerned, Gandus Saldatrici, like many other companies in the medical sector, has decided to give up its participation to the Dusseldorf exhibition.

It was not an easy decision, because Medica represents since ever a very important and very pleasant opportunity to meet our partners and new and potential customers.

However, the current situation, and unfortunately the evisaged situation for the coming months, has driven us to let the reasons of safety and prudence prevail.

This year unfortunately we will not then have the opportunity to meet at Medica. 

We will however find other ways to share our experiences and ideas so as to continue to keep on growing a valuable partnership like the one we have built over the years.


We thank you for your understanding and wish you all the best in this difficult period.


Nicola Guglielmini

CEO Gandus Saldatrici Srl