Protective Equipment for Hair dresser, Beauty Salons, Beauty centers


Nowadays is even more important then ever to guarantee cleaning and hygiene in every ambience, for all activities that are in contact with public
Hair stylis, beauty salons, beauty centers, they need to maintain the utmost cleaning and hygien in order to protect staff and clients.
Our production of single use protective equipments help to guarantee hygiene and safety.

Gandus Beauty sealer, compact and cost effective, CE certified sealers for hermetically sealing bags containing everything after washing and sanitizing to preserve cleanliness and hygiene.

Beauty protections - armchairs, headrests, stools, cots. After each use everything is washed and sanitized.
However, cleaning and hygiene must be maintained until further use.
Bustaplast offers armchair covers, caps and disposable toilet sheets to protect any type of seat until the arrival of a new customer.

Beauty Bags - bags in transparent plastic, in different sizes depending on the need, designed to contain all the tools and equipments used, washed and sanitized, and be heat-sealed to ensure disinfection before a new use.

Client Bags - plastic bags, available in many different sizes, to hold bags, backpacks, clothing of your customers, to avoid contact with the sanitized surfaces of your store.Gandus Saldatrici and Bustaplast Flexible Packaging.

Personal protections - gloves, shoecovers, headphones, capes, aprons, kimono in disposable plastic materials, to protect staff and customers.


Gandus Saldatrici and Bustaplast Flexible Packaging

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