Bags and Tubes sealers

DD 100

Compact semi-automatic table top constant heat-sealer for bags in coated materials.


Impulse semi automatic table top sealer for PE, PP and light coated materials

TS sealers

Heavy duty impulse sealer, for polyethylene and aluminum or paper coated bags

minirò poly

Rotary sealer for PE, PP, PP/PA, PA/PA, Tyvek and other heat sealable laminated materials pouches. Validatable version also available.

MH 460 - 610

Impulse sealers for the sealing of pouches and reels conforming to DIN 58953-7:2008 standard. Also fully validatable version with complete control of sealing parameters.


Pneumatic heavy duty sealer with accurate control of critical sealing parameters

SI serie

New serie of heavy duty stainless steel pneumatic sealers, ideal for food and electronic applications

RO 3001

High speed rotary sealing machine for all types of heat sealable materials, for packaging of a wide range of products, from food to chemical/pharmaceutical to parts and assembling etc.

RO 3003

Rotary sealing machine for all types of heat sealable materials for packaging of heavy duty bags.


Constant semi-automatic sealer for multi-layered polypropylene, paper, aluminum medium and big sacks.


Impulse sealing machine for the simultaneously sealing and coding of PE-AL/PE tubes of different lengths

BANK 610

Impulse semi automatic table top sealer to hermetically seal security bags for currency and values transportation

SI Motor

Motorized tabletop heavy duty sealer. Also available in stainless steel. 5 mm industrial seal.