ISO 11607.2 Validatable sealers

minirò H-seal VP Evo

ISO 11607.2 Validatable rotary sealer with complete control of sealing parameters.


Medical Industry
Pharma Industry

Validatable international standards ISO 11607-2, ISO TS 16775, EN 868-2, DIN 58953-7.

Rotary sealer with complete control of sealing parameters.

The basic solution for all sealing requirements of CSSD and industries looking for a medical sealer that fully complies with ISO standards.

Operator’s friendly thanks to the wide keyboard and the bright 2 lines with 26 characters display.

All functioning data can be stored onboard, immediately recalled from memory and easily exportable through USB. It can be linked with label printer.


PS 654 front support tray

RL 80 roller support tray

PR H50 roll holder complete with cutting device

PRN 2000 labels printer

Product photo

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