Rotary sealers

minirò poly VP Touch

ISO 11607.2 Validatable rotary medical sealer with 4.3” colour setting Touch screen and communication interfaces


Medical Industry
Pharma Industry

Validabile according to ISO 11607.2, ISO TS 16775, EN 868-2, DIN 58953-7 standards.

New rotary sealer with setting Touch screen, traceability system, interface with label printer and Barcode reader, remote PC connection. 

Reliable sealeing parameter control to guarantee consistent and repeatable high quality over time.

Complete with data traceability system of each sealed pouch.

9 mm wide knurled or flat seal to guarantee a perfect seal strength with an easy and safe peelability.

Suitable for the sealing LDPE pouches, header bags and other all known, sealable, pre-made sterile barrier systems, uncoated Tyvek®.

Interface USB port for lot loading, operator, catalog, recipes, traceability data saving, sealer firmware updating.

Interface RS 232 port to barcode reader, labels printer, remote PC connection.

Controlled sealing speed 6 mt/min (opt. 4 mt/min; 8 mt/min).

Controlled sealing temperature 10-220°C, overheating control.

4,3” colour Touch screen Display.

Calibration service upon request.


UNI EN ISO 11607-2
UNI EN 868-5:2009
EN ISO TS 16775
DIN 58953-7
Directives 2006/42/EC-2014/30/UE-2014/35/UE
UNI/TR 11408:2011
Sterilization Guidelines-MEMO 5
Manufactured in a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality system certified company


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